YOUR CONSULTANT IS Party Wickless with Andrea Derr~Titus

My Story

    My Scentsy story began a few years ago when i came across Scentsy on a random Facebook feed. I have always loved candles but once i had children candles became very risky. I was always afraid my girls would run into the table and knock the candle over causing a fire. So with knowing that Scentsy is a wick-less candle and id get the same enjoyment from it without the risks i thought hey what could hurt right??? Well with that said i became addicted very quickly. Scentsy was the best thing i ever came across i no longer worried if my house would set on fire because of my kids accidentally knocking it over. I was hooked, I ordered warmers for every room in my house!!!! I absolutely love the lampshade warmers. It's what is also great about scentsy our warmers fit every personality and go with any home decor you can imagine!! I loved scentsy so much that my loving fiance and children decided that for Mother's Day 2015 they would make me my very own consultant!! I was beyond excited telling everyone how happy i was to finally become a consultant.

    I share Scentsy not for the extra income i share scentsy for the pure happiness of seeing how happy it makes my clients when they receive that purple and white box in the mail. The joy of knowing i brightened their day/week/month just because of helping them enjoy the same addiction i have! Its great turning on your warmer and smelling that perfect scent and gorgeous light that not only lights up a room.I love flipping through catalogs with clients and seeing how excited they get when they see a warmer they have to have or smell a scent and need it!! I love how we also have a kids line so now my kids as well as clients children get just as excited to order and its perfectly safe for them.

Scentsy is purely amazing and I hope I can share with you how truly amazing it can be for you as well. If you love scentsy as much as I do and would love to join my team i can show you how just visit , I would love to have your enthusiasm as part of my team!!!

Thank-you for stopping by to read my Scentsy story i look forward to hearing from you!